About Magnus Opus Consulting

Magnum Opus Consulting provides high-quality consulting services to enable you and your organisation to achieve your goals. Our team offers expertise in all aspects of health research, evaluation, business administration and training services. We believe in working together with you and your organisation in identifying and defining your needs to produce the results you can trust. We aim to enable you and your organisation to acquire and apply the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve your objectives, solve your problems, improve your daily operations, optimise your programmes performances and services, and make data-informed decisions.

Who We Are

Magnum Opus Consulting is a limited company under the United Republic of Tanzania laws. Its head office is in Arusha, Tanzania. We provide consulting services in all types of health research, evaluations, business administrations and training. Moreover, we empower our clients through capacity building to enhance the achievement of their targets. You would find small and medium-sized non-profit organisations, for-profit organisations, government agencies, individuals, associations, foundations, institutions, donors, firms, bodies, and trusts among our clients.

Vision Statement

To satisfy our clients beyond their expectations.

Mission Statement

  • To provide solutions not only because we believe that every problem has a specific answer, but also we believe clear and straightforward solutions are as attractive as effective.
  • To build a solid and lasting relationship with our clients based on trust and collaboration.
  • To adapt to the changing environment, competition and culture while allowing our clients to bring their subject matter expertise.

Value Proposition Statement

To generate and apply transparent, step-wise and sustainable goal-oriented solutions to our clients.



Conducting research will help your organisation develop context and understanding for a new experience:

  • Describe a new phenomenon
  • Define a new relationship
  • Develop a new model
  • Apply existing principles/procedures to a new context

Conducting evaluation will help your organisation to: 

  • Understand the impact of your programmes and services  
  • Improve your programmes and services
  • Re-orientate your strategies  
  • Replicate your programme and services into a new context
  • Scale up your programme and services 
  • Understand the merits/values of your programmes and services

Our business experts will help your organisation to: 

  • Develop marketing strategies according to your context
  • Create a better working environment 
  • Record and track your accounting information
  • To develop and implement a context-specific strategic planning
  • To monitor and evaluate the impacts of business processes and decisions. 

Our training services focus on: 

  • Project and research proposal writing 
  • Looking for potential funders and how to relate to them
  • Conducting marketing and health-related research 
  • Capacity building on performing monitoring 
  • Performing different types of evaluations
  • Developing and implementing context-specific strategic planning
  • To monitor and evaluate the impacts of business processes and decisions. 
  • Report writing
Magnum Opus Consulting offers reasonable rates based on your specific needs. Contact us NOW to schedule a free 15 minutes consultation.


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